Here’s the Weekend

Looks like my old buddy Dan Hudson recently had his first stand up show; an open mic. Congrats, Dan; now get back out there! I swear I’ll pimp his next show.

Well, I ended up being about 1000 times less productive than I should have been this weekend. This makes more work for me over the next few days, trying to finish Saint James, work on its bible, and rewriting 6-8 sketches for Fledgling TV Thing before Wednesday.

Other things to do…

Rewrite first issue of Licensed Property Thing. Write issues two and three. Get contract written and sent to Property Owner.

Finish Run Like Hell. Goal for this is mid-November.

Email Randy about The Program and all that entails.

Write short story for In the Trenches anthology.

Get cover for To the Last Man pitch.

Get art for Cold pitch.

Finish outline for Three Days.

Find story, characters for Cast Out.

Finish first issue of Savage Tom, complete outline for last two issues.

Schedule lobotomy.

So, you can see I’m busy with a bunch of stuff. That’s why I probably won’t get to the write up of Friday’s Veruca Salt concert until Wednesday. I will say it was a great concert, though. I guess you have that to look forward to, right?