Chugging into Thursday

Thought I’d start off the day with a political cartoon I recently (as in this morning) enjoyed. Ben Sargent brings thought-provoking humor to the Austin American Statesman on an almost daily basis. He’s one of the few can’t misses of our local pay paper.

Looks like I’m going to OurLady Peace tonight. I haven’t heard their latest record, and I didn’t particularly care for Gravity, but Happiness is a Fish… and Spiritual Machines are two incredible records, so I’ll take my chances.

Well, it looks like I’ll have something special to sell at Wizard World Texas. I just finished copying off the ultra-cheap and ultra-limited Ruined. Ruined is a collection of three of my published short stories: “Hell Inside,” “Digging,” and “The Dixie Stand.” “The Dixie Stand” was my Christmas Card two years ago, and it’s a fun, mean little story. I’ll have fifty numbered copies for sale at Wizard World Texas (for only $2.00!), and those that aren’t sold will be available on this here website following the show.

Beginning to debate whether I should actively hunt for a Saint James artist in Arlington or not. The first issue is almost done, and the first arc is planned, with plenty of ideas for later arcs, but I’m not sure if the whole thing is where I want it to be yet. I guess I have just over two weeks to decide.