Good Apollo

After waking up to the biggest tease and subsequent letdown of my career thus far (Thanks, Rick!), I proceeded to get a lot done. I finished the second draft of Saint James and a first draft of its one sheet. Looks like I’ll be artist-hunting in Dallas after all. I also scrapped the short story I was working on after figuring out a different way of attacking it.

Read through what I have completed of Run Like Hell and realized the fourth chapter needs a major rewrite. Mid-November looks undo-able, but it took Keene a few years to write In the Garden Where My Rain Grows, so I think I’m still a little ahead of the curve.

Or not.

My final project for Saturday was stapling fifty copies of Ruined. Looks like I’m just about ready for Wizard World Dallas.

I realized I never commented on the Our Lady Peace show last week. That’s because it was cancelled. Going to Coheed and Cambria tonight, though, so don’t feel bad for me.

Or feel bad. Whatever works.