I’m a stupid piece of shit.

You know the Coheed and Cambria show I was going to tonight? The one I’ve been looking forward to since I last saw them live a YEAR ago?

I forgot to buy tickets.

I got so caught up in all the shit I have to do, in waiting to find out if I had to buy George a ticket too, that I forgot to buy one for myself. I found this out at willcall when I went to pick up “my ticket.” I don’t have money to pay at the door, so I’m sitting at home drinking shit beer while my favorite band puts on a show twenty minutes away.

Fuck me.

Y’know, I remember to buy tickets to Shawna’s favorite band. I pay Shawna back for a Foo Fighters ticket that she springs on me. I can get a Veruca Salt ticket two days before the goddamn show, and I can buy a ticket to Our Lady Peace three days in advance because George asks nicely. But MY FAVORITE FUCKING BAD?!?!?!?!

I forget.

I’m going to live my life as a giant fucking waste of breath.