Ah, that’s better.

Well, now that my head’s clear and I’m a little calmer… I feel good. I’m not sure if I forgot to buy tickets or if something weird happened to my credit card. I think I might have used the pre-order site on the same day tickets went on sale at Front Gate. I don’t know. Whatever. Shawna helped me feel better once she stopped being bitter about me spoiling her evening alone by being home.

Looks like I failed to plug Dan’s latest comedy show. Sorry, Dan. I keep screwing these up.

Fear of a Tasteless Planet tomorrow (we’ll be reviewing The Tea House!). Yeesh. I don’t know how Randy does this shit week in and week out, and he does a lot more than me! Kudos, Mr. Lander. Kudos.

Ugh. I need to write up a few contracts tonight. I hate doing that. Another of the many things I don’t get paid to do that take time away from writing.