Fear of a Tasteless Planet (Week 9)

The Tea House
13376 N Highway 183 # 100

Reviewing The Tea House is a pleasure because it’s one of my favorite places to eat. It’s a strange anomaly for Austin, a pretty big Chinese/Vietnamese place with a full-service bar that doesn’t cost n arm and a leg. The prices are about what you’d expect at a take out place. The Tea House isn’t some run down place with a chipped counter, though. It looks nice!

As for the food, The Tea House has some of the best hot and sour soup in town. Unlike most places, it’s actually hot. I know. I was shocked, too. The portions are monstrous, designed to be shared by the table rather than gobbled by the individual, and they rarely cost more than six dollars. The chicken fried rice (my personal gold standard for any Chinese place) is light. It won’t turn into lead in your guts. If you really want a treat though, go with one of the Vietnamese rice plates. The lemongrass chicken is excellent.

The Tea House has several lunch specials, all of which include soup, eggroll, and a chicken wing. They serve dim sum every Sunday (possibly Saturday, as well), though I’ve never tried it. The staff is attentive and clean, and if you get tired of watching them bustle about, you can check out the four fish aquariums (that you can order out of).

In short, get your ass to The Tea House!

Pros: The food, the service.
Cons: Um, it’s a little out of the way?

Rating: Is the cook single?