24 Hour Party People

Well, it’s 8AM on SUnday, I’ve had almost five hours of sleep, and I’m going to run down the Halloween Party so I can avoid cleaning up.

In short, it was a blast. A lot of folks showed up, we all drank too much, and then we called it a night. There was another party about three doors up from our place, and quite a few people from are party had gone their first, hung out a bit, and then realized they had the wrong place. I hope they all snagged beers while they were there.

And now, the photos!

Shawna’s jack-o-lantern. She was very proud.

Matt, Beck, and Gabe make an early appearance.

Randy as a toasted Dr. Strange.

Tess as Tank Girl.

Chris as El Queso Blanco (Randy: The White Cheese?)

Jonathan as Ace Ventura (or ballerina Jonathan).

Tammy as Medusa.

Karen as a Bat-Girl (or winged chick in tight shirt).

JP as Indiana Jones.

Greg as Tom DeLay.

George as an undead, buck-toothed Tom Petty (George is my bestfriend of some eighteen years, as I didn’t even come close to recognizing him when he arrived).

Danny and Zan as a pimp and what I believe is a cop-themed whore.

Alyssa as Girl with Tongue.

And party scenes…

Randy hangs ten as folks watch The Fog.

Alyssa and Greg see the face of God.

Assorted Asylum Street Spankers show up, dressed as musicians.

Wammo broods.

…While Tracy dances.

Tammy, Chris, and I start getting drunker.

Tammy and Paul kiss as only drunk married couples can.

Chris and Tammy continue getting drunker, this time with Alyssa.

And Chris gets a little too drunk.

Tammy and Shawna start making out (one of the joys of going to parties with Shawna’s friends is seeing who Shawna will make out with).

Fueled by jealousy, I offer myself to Paul, only to be shot down.

Luckily, Tammy offers me a lovely parting gift.

So, the party was a blast. I’m sure we’ll host another next year.

Y’all come back now, y’hear?