Weekend Crap Up

Drove Shawna to Dallas Friday night so she could help her best friend move to Los Angeles. Said best friend wasn’t anywhere near packed when we arrived, so I did what any good boyfriend would do. I slept on the couch while Shawna helped pack until four in the morning.

Spent most of the weekend designing swag for Dallas and repairing assorted files. It’s not nearly as fun as it sounds. Bought some supplies for the Halloween party. My brother Mark’s in from out of town, so I had dinner with him Saturday night. Hope to spend more time with him before he leaves on Thursday (the same day Shawna gets back).

Taking today off (feel a little under the weather), but I need to finish the first issue of Saint James, and I need to get started on Three Days. With any luck (okay, a lot of luck), I can have Saint James in good enough shape to go artist hunting in Dallas. We’ll see.

Cover of the Year

From the third issue of Brian Wood’s upcoming series LOCAL. Something about this cover just breaks my heart. Maybe that it reminds me that Superchunk ain’t coming around anytime soon.

Does your hometown care?

That was a good night

I can only describe last night as excellent (except I described it as good in the post title). I got so much done, it’s amazing.

I wrote the first half of the issue one script for Frequency Press Licensing Thing. I hope to have the first draft done and get started on the second draft by Sunday morning.

I finished the outline for the first arc of Saint James. I’m working in three-issue arcs, or cases, if you will. The last two issues of the first arc fell into place last night in a matter of minutes, everything clicking at once. It felt great.

Last night’s Lost was a great episode, answering a few questions and setting up even more. Shawna didn’t enjoy it so much for her own reasons, but what can ya do? Plus, last night was the first appearance of Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje, who terrorized Oz for four seasons as Simon Adebisi. For four seasons, this man was the scariest thing on television. To have him back on the small screen is a true treat.

I saw on Randy Lander’s blog that a new month of Down the Line will be up on The Fourth Rail soon. I tease Randy and Dave about the high level of snark they throw in there, the same snark that gets the fanboys all riled up, but I only kid because A) I love, and B) I just don’t get it. Randy and Dave come from a different time than me, having read comics since they were embryos or something. They can tell you why strange DC and Marvel characters like Doctor Boomerang and Captain Stains in his Britches are cool. I just look at them and giggle. It’s taken something big, like Seven Soldiers, for me to realize “Hey! There might be something at DC that isn’t ninety barrels of lame.” If somebody took these characters and crapped all over them, I’d probably feel the same way Randy and Dave feel everyday.

See guys? I love!

Strange Dreams

Wierd night last night. At various points, I dreamed…

– I went to the 25th anniversary of Emo’s with Joy and her family, where we watched home movies with an armless man.

– I shared a bunkbed with Shawna and her sister, then Shawna attacked her sister because she thought we were bumping uglies (this one was amusing, to say the least).

– I was Lil’ Kim’s tour manager, but I kept telling her I had to get home before work.

– I witnessed an exorcism and became possesed. Shawna had to wake me up from this one because I was screaming in my sleep. I like to think I was screaming “Merrin!” over and over again.

Ain’t that just the way…

Sitting at the home computer, wanting to get cracking on the first issue of “Frequency Press Licensed Property Thing,” only I left my outline and source material at work. Guess losing a day won’t kill me, but it sure does piss me off.

I dropped a jar of salsa in the kitchen today. It ended about how you’d expect it to. I think there’s a sliver of glass in my foot.

Found out there was a printer problem with Rundberg today. We went with a new printer on this one, and found out today that they can’t use the same specs as Morgan, who printed Drive. Now, we’re heading back to Morgan so we can have books ready by Wizard World Dallas.

Ugh, man. Fuckin’ ugh.

Fear of a Tasteless Planet (week 7)

The Water Tank
7309 McNeil Dr

The Water Tank is a bar and grill (well, more bar than grill) that I’ve driven past I don’t know how many times in the last four years. I’ve never stopped in, though. Don’t know why, just never occured to me.

So, I step inside the Water Tank and get the lay of the land. Half the place isn’t ready for customers. Trash is on the floor, chairs are on the tables. There’s six people (including a ten-year-old with a Coke) sitting at the bar. Six TV’s, all of them flastscreens surrounded by plywood, blare any college game with a team from Texas in them. Everything else I see is beer signs and streamers.


I step to a table and sit down. After a few minutes of nobody noticing my presence, I move closer to the bar. A few more minutes and the waitress/bartender brings me a menu. I order a Dos Equis and look at the menu, which is surprisingly huge. I decide against the chicken-fried chicken sandwich and go with the “Tank Platter,” which consists of fries and a half-pound (riiiiight) burger. I wait, watching A&M and Baylor hand the ball pack and forth for ten minutes before my burger and second beer arrives.

The burger’s good. It’s juicy, but not greasy. The swiss cheese works well. The fries are great, using seasoned salt instead of the regular variety. The meal, with two beers, costs just over my fifteen dollar limit. My wait was pretty long, but the food almost makes up for it. I’m not sure if I’ll be going back anytime soon, but I won’t avoid the place like the plague, either.

Highs: Fries, Menu
Lows: Waiting, and goddamn it’s loud in there

Rating: Ehhhhh.5

Monday, huh? Damn.

First off, I’ve decided to move Fear of a Tasteless Planet to Tuesdays. That way, I can tell you about my weekend.

Went to see Serenity on Friday with Shawna, Randy, Suzanne, Dave, and Mat. Excellent flick. Everything I expected out of Joss Whedon and more. My knuckles were pure white for the last forty minutes or so.

In related news, I saw this morning that Marvel Comics has named Whedon one of their “Terrific Ten,” Ten writers that, and I quote, “Will be getting a regular series or a major mini-series that will hopefully push them to that next level.”

So Marvel Comics is hoping they can spur Joss Whedon, who wrote and directed the number two movie in America and had a hit television series for seven years “to that next level.”


In other news (I say that a lot, I know), Randy pointed me toward various entries to a trailer remix contest, where editors were charged with making trailers for films, but in a new genre. For example, there’s West Side Story as a zombie flick, and Titanic as a horror film.

The winner, however, was The Shining as a coming of age comedy.

Finally, I found this yesterday. I wish I could say I was surprised. I assume that, any day now, Bush will appoint a director to guarantee a white future for Africa.