Hump Day Humping

Randy Lander and Dave Farabee were nice enough to pimp A Trip to Rundberg in their latest Down the Line column. Thanks, guys! Now I owe you both… again!

Sold my short story “Dexter Wilson’s First Day” this morning, and it will be appearing in January/February on The Late Late Show. The show is a great site with some wonderful fiction on it, so go check it out.

Where’s Fear of a Tasteless Planet?

It will be back. Don’t worry. Okay, so nobody cared. Placate me, okay? I’ve been so busy with work and so broke from lack of funds, I haven’t been able to check out any place new in the last couple of weeks. I thought about reviewing The Alamo Drafthouse, but I’m still mulling it over.

Okay, I’m off to have another sausage wrap.

He’s back, ladies and gentlemen.

Nice, looooong weekend. That’s what I’m thankful for, baby!

Spent Thursday (you know what other day that was) at Shawna’s parents’ house, scarfing down food, hanging out with my Dad and Step-Mom, and getting so drunk Shawna had to carry me to the car. One of these days I’ll remember that you don’t mix wine and real booze. It’s such a big mistake.

Friday, we spent some of the day at Shawna’s parents’ again (kind of a running theme for the weekend) after I worked a bit on the second Licensed Property script. That night, Shawna and I went to see Rent and quickly engaged in a who can cry harder and most often contest. I won in a crushing victory. Could Rent join Big Fish and Braveheart on Brian Keene’s “Movies You Must Cry During or You’re Not Human” list?

For the record, I’m with Brian on Big Fish, not so much on Braveheart. Then again, he probably doesn’t cry at the end of Willy Wonka and the Chocloate Factory, Dirty Dancing, or the sequel to Dot and the Kangaroo.

Well, it’s Saturday, so we headed back to the in-laws’ house so I could cook stir fry for everybody. I’m still not sure how I went from offernig to cook Shawna dinner to cooking her whole family dinner, but that’s the way the cookie crumbled. I ended up having to run errands twice while cooking, and I ended up getting SUPER pissed. And when I get pissed, I have arguments in my head with everyone who has ever wronged me. Just imagine that. Me at 28, driving back frmo HEB with two peppers and venting at somebody I should have vented at when I was 17.

I fawned over you for over a year, and then you dump me after three weeks because I’m not cool enough for your friends? Fuck you, you shallow whore!

Of course, when I was 17 I was too busy crying myself to sleep to have this conversation.

Anyway, I eventually got my head on straight and bluffed my way through a dinner for five to an assortment of compliments (although maybe they just realized how pissed off I was and were trying to make me feel better. if so, thanks). I ended up blowing up at Shawna while making dinner, though, so I had to follow through on that with a lengthy exlpanation/apology.

Today (that’s Sunday), I finished the second licensed property script by plowing through sixteen pages of panel descriptions and dialogue. One more to go! I hope to get the first draft of that one done by Friday.

Happy Monday, one and all!

And… Go!

Your code: DEC05 3013.

You mission: Go to your local comic shop and pre-order a copy of my small town zombie massacre graphic novel A Trip to Rundberg.

Where can I find a comic shop? The Master List.

So, please, pre-order your copy of A Trip to Rundberg soon. Friday would be an excellent day, and your local shop may even have a kick-ass sale of some sort.

Maybe some of you are wondering “Why shouldn’t we just order a copy from the Frequency Press website?” Well, because we have to meet a minimum sales benchmark with our distributor, or we’ll get dropped. In order to reach that benchmark, we need to sell a bunch through comic shops, and they’ll probably only buy copies that have been pre-ordered by customers. Get me?

Now, I know I have at least one ex-girlfriend who reads this. You should pre-order two because I never cheated on you.

A Call to Action!

We received confrimation last night that A Trip to Rundberg will be in tomorrow’s Previews catalog. On one hand I’m excited. On the other… well, we squeaked in under the deadlines, but we were so close we missed all of the advertising and promotional deadlines. Now, we’re two inches of space in a 300+ page catalog. We have to sell 300 copies to make our benchmark, or else Diamond will cancel all of our orders.

So, here’s the deal.

Go to The Master List. This is a database of comics shops world wide.

Find the nearest comic shop to you. Dan, there should still be a Comic Book World in Cleves.

Go to the comic shop and preorder A Trip to Rundberg with this order code:

DEC05 3013.

Go back in February and pick up your copy of A Trip to Rundberg.

Not sold yet? Check out the official A Trip to Rundberg Trailer!

Now, get marching, citizens!

The Weekend Plays Through

Sort of turned into my grandmother yesterday. Shawna was under the weather (she caught my cold), so I spent most of the day doting over her. Don’t know how many times I head “You don’t have to do that!” Too bad. I like taking care of my Shawna.

Finished the first book of the new novella yesterday. I’m breaking the story into quarters, each about 10000 words or so. I’m going to spend the rest of the week working on the second licensed property script and Savage Tom. Once the weekend rolls around, I’ll probably look over the first quarter, then get started on the second. It’s a fun story, my first pseudo-post-apocalyptic thing. I’m having a real blast with it.

Think I’ll leave you (for now) with Brian Keene’s essay on How He Writes for a Living. With any luck, this will be my life one day.

Sad, I know.

I might be back with more later. You just wait and see!

Um… Wow!

I just heard this song that blew me away. “No Culture Icons” by The Thermals. It looks like the record this came off of is a fw years old, and since I’m just now hearing about, The Thermals probably are either broken up or have been judged uncool.

No Culture Icons

Hey, it got cold!

I’ve actually had to wear a coat (not a jacket, but a coat) when I took the dogs for a walk this morning. That’s quite the change from Sunday, when I wore shorts. It looks like winter may have arrived in Austin. Proably just means it will be in the high eighties again by Saturday.

Work continues on a novella I started working on a few months ago, about people who start staring to east for no obvious reason. I had set it aside when it was time to letter Rundberg, but I’m finally back on that sucker. Things are chugging along nicely. Not sure how long it’s going to end up. I’ll know when I get there.

The MySpace experiment is neither here nor there yet.

Off to work now.