Texas hates gays, and so do you.

Well, it’s just past nine, and so far, 77% of Texans want to ban gay marriage. 77%. More than three quarters.

Fuck all of you.

Y’know what? A lot of you who think gays shouldn’t marry also think it’s because marriage is sacred. The divorce rate is over 50%. You want to make marriage sacred, outlaw divorce. A guy wants to divorce his wife, say “Fine, but we get to cut your dick off.” Bet your ass marriage would suddenly get real fucking sacred.

Oh, and FUCK SACRED. You want to know what God is? Do you? Think you can handle it? One of the earliest Gods was a stone pillar in Egypt that represented a giant cock that came all over the globe and created life. The first God was a cock, folks. Later, we created religion. Why? Because we were afraid of dying, and we wanted to make oursleves feel better. Oh, and we could also write in all of these rules banning the things we didn’t like. That’s the truth. Deal with it for a single fucking second.

You want proof that God exists? You want faith? Go stick your dick up your ass and tell me what it gets you. You follow your own Christian rules? That means God hates your ass, same way your religion dictates you have to hate everybody else. Niggers, fags, cunts, and democrats. It’s in the bible, kids. Go follow your marching orders.

And leave me the fuck alone. My anger is more righteous than your fictional Gods. You show me your God, I’ll bend him over and fuck him in the ass. Oh, and I’ll spin him around with just a second to spare so I can give him a nice, big, Peter North facial.

Just like those motherfuckers he hates.

I hate you all.