Fear of a Tasteless Planet

A quick bit of news. I’m probably going to have a site redesign done soon. The pseudo-playful tone of this one doesn’t really suit where I’m going with the writing. When I do the redesign, I’m going to move Fear of a Tasteless Planet to its own page. I lose a full day of blogging on this every week, and I want that space.

That said…

4206 Duval St

I haven’t been to Hyde Park in over six years, since about a month after I moved to Austin. I’d forgotten how horrifically difficult it is to find parking. Seriously, this is one of the most popular spot in town, and they have something close to ten parking spaces. You can’t blame them, though, they’re a small building crammed into what is largely a residential section of town.

Year after year, the citizens of Austin award Hyde Park with the title of best french fries in the Chronicle Restaurant Poll, so I decided I had to try thse puppies out. Then again, second prize in the same poll usually goes to McDonalds, so who know?

I decided on the half-pound sirloin burger. I paid an extra dollar for a slice of swiss cheese (that had better be some damn good cheese) and some more money for a side of fries. I know this is a local place and all, but fries don’t just come with a burger? With a burger?! You’re kidding me, right?

Okay, so the food arrives, and it’s pretty damn good. The burger a juicy, tasty monstrocity of beef and bread and cheese (yeah, the cheese was pretty good), and the fries were really good. They were light, tasting largely of potatoes and flour. I’m not sure where this best of Austin stuff comes from. I think the fries at Trudy’s kick the tar out of these, but what do I know? I’m a schlub.

Fine, go decide for yourself. I’ll be going back, because there were a lot of things on the menu I still want to try, including the chicken fried steak and the yellowfin tuna sandwich. I’ll have to wait until after payday, though.

Highs: It’s a cool place with good food.
Lows: Dollar cheese? C’mon!

Rating: I Shall Return