Think Out Loud: SAVAGE TOM

You know what I’ve been thinking about a lot lately? Slasher movies. Ah, that classic staple of the horror genre. Jason, Freddy, the ghost face guy from Scream, and of course my favorite… Michael Myers. Sure, a lot of slasher flicks aren’t the most imaginative things in the world, but they’re hard to top on the fun chart. No matter how bad the film, there’s usually at least one good scare. hell, even Halloween H20 had that scene in the rest stop!

So, I’m thinking about doing my own slasher movie.

Only this one’s a three issue comic series.

And it’s set in the Old West.

There’s a chance I already have an artist lined up for this. The first issue is almost completely written, and it’s a helluva ride so far. This isn’t like your modern day slasher flick. The cops aren’t coming to save your ass. Neither is that mysterious stranger who just wnadered into town. You’re alone, and nothing’s going to save your ass.

Wait. What was that sound?

He’s coming…