A Call to Action!

We received confrimation last night that A Trip to Rundberg will be in tomorrow’s Previews catalog. On one hand I’m excited. On the other… well, we squeaked in under the deadlines, but we were so close we missed all of the advertising and promotional deadlines. Now, we’re two inches of space in a 300+ page catalog. We have to sell 300 copies to make our benchmark, or else Diamond will cancel all of our orders.

So, here’s the deal.

Go to The Master List. This is a database of comics shops world wide.

Find the nearest comic shop to you. Dan, there should still be a Comic Book World in Cleves.

Go to the comic shop and preorder A Trip to Rundberg with this order code:

DEC05 3013.

Go back in February and pick up your copy of A Trip to Rundberg.

Not sold yet? Check out the official A Trip to Rundberg Trailer!

Now, get marching, citizens!