And… Go!

Your code: DEC05 3013.

You mission: Go to your local comic shop and pre-order a copy of my small town zombie massacre graphic novel A Trip to Rundberg.

Where can I find a comic shop? The Master List.

So, please, pre-order your copy of A Trip to Rundberg soon. Friday would be an excellent day, and your local shop may even have a kick-ass sale of some sort.

Maybe some of you are wondering “Why shouldn’t we just order a copy from the Frequency Press website?” Well, because we have to meet a minimum sales benchmark with our distributor, or we’ll get dropped. In order to reach that benchmark, we need to sell a bunch through comic shops, and they’ll probably only buy copies that have been pre-ordered by customers. Get me?

Now, I know I have at least one ex-girlfriend who reads this. You should pre-order two because I never cheated on you.