Huh. It Actually Got Cold.

That’s right. It got cold in Austin. We had some freezing rain and everything. Of course, all my friends up in Cincinnati had it about a thousand times worse, but they’re not me, so I don’t really care that much. They haven’t aclimated to southern weather, dammit!

I’ll be working on a few Tasteles Planets over the weekend. Sorry I didn’t get them up on Wednesday like I said. I suck hard people. That’s what I do. You’ll all just have to wait until the weekend for reviews of restaurants only Randy can reach anyway.

Working on Run Like Hell the last few nights, and it’s clicking in all the right ways. I almost called into work today so I culd keep chugging on it. Unfortunately, I’m out of vacation days, so that’s not in the cards. Maybe I can squeeze in some writing before I have to shag off to gaming tonight.

I recently read Edward Lee’s The Pig and Brian Freeman’s Blue November Storms. Both are excellent horror tales that in volve animals in completely different ways. The Pig gets bonus points for featuring a character who receives stigmata wounds whenever she has an orgasm.