Fear of a Tasteless Planet (Quick Hits)

I have fun things to tell you tomorrow, but first…

Dan’s Hamburgers
5602 N Lamar Blvd

Best burger joint I’ve been to in ages. All the staples of the classic burger joint are there: severe lighting, hard booths with chipped table tops, and employees wearing paper hats. It’s not the cheapest burger place in town, but it’s hard to beat for value. The bacon cheeseburger I had was the best I’ve eaten since my first trip to the Austin Diner. The fries are perfect.

Rating: Is the Cook Single?

Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek
13729 Research Blvd

How cool is the Alamo Drafthouse. A movie theater/restaurant/bar. Three things that should go together, and there are four locations in Austin. Lake Creek is five minutes from my house. Grab either a Raging Bull (meat-lover’s pizza) or a chicken parmesan sandwich. The mozzarella sticks are great and perfect for sharing, but the chicken strips only come three to a basket! Grab a bucket of beer and watch your favorite flick.

Rating: I Shall Return.5