Clever Entry Title # 14

I started working on a short story for Carnifax Press’s upcoming Vermin anthology. Is it a good thing when a story you write grosses you out? Seriously, it’s a damn good thing I had eaten before.

Well, Kong comes out today, but I won’t be going to see it until Sunday. This is a big change from in years previous, where it seems I’m always going to see some movie on opening night (usually in a theater full of people in costume). Wonder if the Alamo’s serving egg nog in honor of the holidays?

I need to get this nog monkey off my back.

“Gimme the fuckin’ nog, man! I’ll cut you! I swear to fucking Christ I will!”

Had a dream last night that involved Randy and I trying to keep Stella from Cruiserweight from beating up Adam Fortier of Speakeasy Comics. George is gonna read that and wonder if I got to touch Stella in her naughty spots.