My 2005

Over at the Shocklines Message Board, they’re talking about what they accomplished in the last year. It got me thinking (well, taking stock actually). 2005 was a pretty good for me from a writing standpoint.

Let’s recap…


– The big one: DRIVE was published late last February. I was so proud to see this one come out.

– A TRIP TO RUNDBERG was completed and printed in October. We did a sales run at Wizard World Texas and sold well more than five times the copies of DRIVE we sold there.

– Contracts are signed for the next Frequency Press project. Announcement within the next few months.


– Last June, I was accepted into the Borderlands Press Writers’ Boot Camp. This is the largest honor of my “career’ thus far. Oh, this is only four weeks or so away!

– Had 3.5 short stories appear this year. The .5 comes from “The House on Toledo Street,” which may or may not be available before year’s end.

The others are…

“Silent Corners” available in issue 3 of Trunk Stories.

“An Absurd Story About Demon Summoning” at

“A Team-Building Exercise” currently available at Aoife’s Kiss. Go read it and then vote for it!

“The House on Toledo Street” available soon in issue 7 of Wicked Karnival.

Many of these are baby steps, sure. Thing is, I took more baby steps this year than in 2004, I’ll count that as a victory.

Come back tomorrow for a look at my 2006!