My 2006

While still in the planning stages (obviously), my 2006 is looking like it will blow 2005 out of the water.

2006 starts in January (boy, I’m full of ’em today), when my story “The House on Toledo Street” appears at The Late Late Show. “Toledo Street” was actually the first story I ever sold. Unfortunately, the magazine that bought it went out of business in near record time, and the rights reverted to me.

Later in January, I attend the Borderlands Press Writers’ Boot Camp. This looks to be the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I get to spend a weekend in Baltimore, learning from and schmoozing with some of my favorite writers, like Jack Ketchum and Brian Keene (whose coming in on Friday night just to drink with the writers).

Then February, and the release of A Trip to Rundberg. I’m looking forward to this in ways I can’t even describe. Maybe it’ll make enough money for me to finally earn a royalty!

May sends me to the World Horror Convention, where I’ll be pitching my first novel, Just Past La Grange. With any luck, I’ll have a bit of a name then because of…

Licensed Property Thing. I still can’t talk about this, but there’s a press release on the way within the next few weeks. The clues I’ve just dropped should clue you into the genre.

Also in 2006, I hope to sell Dust and Blood, Cold, and Saint James.