Here We Go!

Last posting before Christmas rolls around. I’ll hit a few main points, and then get out of your hair.

1. Christmas Eve Dinner has been saved by Shawn’a Father’s judicious use of his Costco Card.

2. Brian Keene signed a four year exclusive with Delirium Books. Congrats, Bri! Can I take one of those slots?

3. Brian apparently has four more large bits of news to announce. I, on the other hand, would like to announce that I will be drunk this weekend.

4. STAPLE! is officially sold out, table-wise. Huzzah! I’d say STAPLE! is my favorite show of the year, but it feels like cheating, seeing as it’s only fifteen minutes from my house.

5. Lastly, everybody be safe, have a great Christmas or holiday of your choice, and pause to make the dirty love at some point this weekend. Jesus would have wanted it that way. Why do you think he dated an ex-hooker?