My 2006

While still in the planning stages (obviously), my 2006 is looking like it will blow 2005 out of the water.

2006 starts in January (boy, I’m full of ’em today), when my story “The House on Toledo Street” appears at The Late Late Show. “Toledo Street” was actually the first story I ever sold. Unfortunately, the magazine that bought it went out of business in near record time, and the rights reverted to me.

Later in January, I attend the Borderlands Press Writers’ Boot Camp. This looks to be the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I get to spend a weekend in Baltimore, learning from and schmoozing with some of my favorite writers, like Jack Ketchum and Brian Keene (whose coming in on Friday night just to drink with the writers).

Then February, and the release of A Trip to Rundberg. I’m looking forward to this in ways I can’t even describe. Maybe it’ll make enough money for me to finally earn a royalty!

May sends me to the World Horror Convention, where I’ll be pitching my first novel, Just Past La Grange. With any luck, I’ll have a bit of a name then because of…

Licensed Property Thing. I still can’t talk about this, but there’s a press release on the way within the next few weeks. The clues I’ve just dropped should clue you into the genre.

Also in 2006, I hope to sell Dust and Blood, Cold, and Saint James.

My 2005

Over at the Shocklines Message Board, they’re talking about what they accomplished in the last year. It got me thinking (well, taking stock actually). 2005 was a pretty good for me from a writing standpoint.

Let’s recap…


– The big one: DRIVE was published late last February. I was so proud to see this one come out.

– A TRIP TO RUNDBERG was completed and printed in October. We did a sales run at Wizard World Texas and sold well more than five times the copies of DRIVE we sold there.

– Contracts are signed for the next Frequency Press project. Announcement within the next few months.


– Last June, I was accepted into the Borderlands Press Writers’ Boot Camp. This is the largest honor of my “career’ thus far. Oh, this is only four weeks or so away!

– Had 3.5 short stories appear this year. The .5 comes from “The House on Toledo Street,” which may or may not be available before year’s end.

The others are…

“Silent Corners” available in issue 3 of Trunk Stories.

“An Absurd Story About Demon Summoning” at

“A Team-Building Exercise” currently available at Aoife’s Kiss. Go read it and then vote for it!

“The House on Toledo Street” available soon in issue 7 of Wicked Karnival.

Many of these are baby steps, sure. Thing is, I took more baby steps this year than in 2004, I’ll count that as a victory.

Come back tomorrow for a look at my 2006!

The Horrors of Bad Grammar

I read through “A Team-Building Exercise” once when it went online, then I couldn’t stand to go back. Too many typos, too many grammatical errors. I proofread that bastard at least four times, too. I used to have Shawna do a proof on all of my stuff, but after a year I decided to let her rest before she succumbed to some brain-eating nano-disease.

Looks like she’s gonna have to go back on the clock.

NOTE: Hours later, I had to go back and fix a typo in the above paragraph.

Two Days

That’s how long it took to blurt out the rough draft of the latest story. There’s quite a bit of refining to be done still, so I’ll get started on that either Saturday or Sunday, when my eyes are fresh.

Guess I did the MySpace version of drunk dialing last night. The funny thing was that I wasn’t drunk, just mildly buzzed. Still screwed with my spelling, though.

The short list of artists for Saint James is getting shorter. This probably means I’ll still be searching when Comic-Con rolls around in July. We’ll see how it goes.

Clever Entry Title # 14

I started working on a short story for Carnifax Press’s upcoming Vermin anthology. Is it a good thing when a story you write grosses you out? Seriously, it’s a damn good thing I had eaten before.

Well, Kong comes out today, but I won’t be going to see it until Sunday. This is a big change from in years previous, where it seems I’m always going to see some movie on opening night (usually in a theater full of people in costume). Wonder if the Alamo’s serving egg nog in honor of the holidays?

I need to get this nog monkey off my back.

“Gimme the fuckin’ nog, man! I’ll cut you! I swear to fucking Christ I will!”

Had a dream last night that involved Randy and I trying to keep Stella from Cruiserweight from beating up Adam Fortier of Speakeasy Comics. George is gonna read that and wonder if I got to touch Stella in her naughty spots.

Comedy in Cincinnati

With Christmas falling on a Sunday this year (and a lot of churches are canceling services because of it. somewhere, Santa has Jesus bent over and is giving it to him… hard) a lot of people have Monday off. Well, if you’re in Cincinnati (both of you are!), why not go to the Viper Room on the 26th to see my old buddy Dan Hudson spew forth the comedy.

I have yet to see Dan perform (I live in Texas, people!) so if he bombs, do me a favor. Walk up to him, kick him in the shin, and say “Nate expects better!” Dan needs this sort of encouragement.

Thank you.

MySpace has a use!

First off, I just want to say that my friend Dave hates me. Why else would he introduce this into my life?

Okay, so that My Space use. I joined MySpace a few weeks ago, no big deal. The big deal came last Friday, when I received a message from a friend I had lost contact with for eight-to-nine years. I never in my life thought I’d see this person again, though I sometimes thought about them when I heard Hum’s “Why I Like the Robins.” It’s nice to know these things can happen now and then.

Well, we’re two weeks away from Christmas, and I’m getting both excited and cheesy about it. It might be driving Shawna nuts, but she’s putting on a brave face as I talk about drinking egg nog and watch White Christmas. Maybe she’s excited because I mentioned cooking a Christmas Eve dinner for her and her family. Tuna Steaks are Christmas-y, right?

So, I received a check from Aoife’s Kiss on Saturday. Wierd. I didn’t even know it was a paid gig. It’s a tiny check, and I’ll probably frame it or something since it’s my first paid sale.

Oh, before I forget. If you read “A Team-Building Exercise” and enjoyed it, why not head over here and vote for the story. The winner of this month’s goes in their year’s best anthology.

Fear of a Tasteless Planet (Quick Hits)

I have fun things to tell you tomorrow, but first…

Dan’s Hamburgers
5602 N Lamar Blvd

Best burger joint I’ve been to in ages. All the staples of the classic burger joint are there: severe lighting, hard booths with chipped table tops, and employees wearing paper hats. It’s not the cheapest burger place in town, but it’s hard to beat for value. The bacon cheeseburger I had was the best I’ve eaten since my first trip to the Austin Diner. The fries are perfect.

Rating: Is the Cook Single?

Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek
13729 Research Blvd

How cool is the Alamo Drafthouse. A movie theater/restaurant/bar. Three things that should go together, and there are four locations in Austin. Lake Creek is five minutes from my house. Grab either a Raging Bull (meat-lover’s pizza) or a chicken parmesan sandwich. The mozzarella sticks are great and perfect for sharing, but the chicken strips only come three to a basket! Grab a bucket of beer and watch your favorite flick.

Rating: I Shall Return.5

Huh. It Actually Got Cold.

That’s right. It got cold in Austin. We had some freezing rain and everything. Of course, all my friends up in Cincinnati had it about a thousand times worse, but they’re not me, so I don’t really care that much. They haven’t aclimated to southern weather, dammit!

I’ll be working on a few Tasteles Planets over the weekend. Sorry I didn’t get them up on Wednesday like I said. I suck hard people. That’s what I do. You’ll all just have to wait until the weekend for reviews of restaurants only Randy can reach anyway.

Working on Run Like Hell the last few nights, and it’s clicking in all the right ways. I almost called into work today so I culd keep chugging on it. Unfortunately, I’m out of vacation days, so that’s not in the cards. Maybe I can squeeze in some writing before I have to shag off to gaming tonight.

I recently read Edward Lee’s The Pig and Brian Freeman’s Blue November Storms. Both are excellent horror tales that in volve animals in completely different ways. The Pig gets bonus points for featuring a character who receives stigmata wounds whenever she has an orgasm.