Revenge is One Angry Puta

If you’ve been watching the A&E series Rollergirls, then you know all about the Lonestar Rollergirls. You also know that last year The Holy Rollers kept Putas del Fuego from entering the championship.

Last Sunday, the Putas got their revenge.

Shawna and I hit the Thunderdome with her father and our friend Wammo. As the only one of the four of us who had watched the series, I had to explain the rules a few times. That’s okay, though. I don’t think any of them understood anyway.

A note on the Thunderdome atmosphere. It’s incredible, something between a night on the town and a day at the tractor pull. Lone Star sits in coolers throughout the arena. The merchandise booth, where you can buy anything from trucker caps to panties, appears to be made out of foamcore. And the track dominates the floor like a banked promised land.

We got our beers, our seats, and up came Miss Conduct to hand us Holy Rollers signs. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I hoped the Putas kicked their asses up and down the track.

And then the bout began.

Man, there was no stopping the Putas. They scored a full four points on their first jam, and they didn’t let up all night. At no point did the Rollers take the lead. By the time we left (a little early) the Putas had a 30 point lead. Some checking the next morning told us the final score was 80-43.


And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Chola. There’s no stopping that girl. She’s the fastest skater in leather pants I’ve ever seen, and she can dash through blocker like they’re made of air. By the end of the night, the entire arena was chanting her name.

Chola, you rock.

Back to real life.

Five minutes ago

I just asked the cafeteria worker downstairs if they discontinued sausage wraps as a menu item (they make wonderful wraps, bu I haven’t been able to get one since last wednesday). She replied by smiling and handing me my change. I’m not sure, but I think that’s cafeteria speak for “Fuck off, Baldy.”

Selling’s what I do.

Spent well over seven hours at First Federal yesterday, signing, joking, and selling my skinny white ass off. Okay, I’m not really skinny anymore, but I’m working on it again.

I was also offered a weekend job at First Federal, and I’m thinking about taking it. It’s pretty dead on the weekends, and I can use that time for writing. It would be something like ten hours of writing time every week, and I wouldn’t be home drinking and watching DVDs.

Hmm. Stuff to think about, that’s for sure.

Back from Baltimore

So, I’m back from the Borderlands Press Writers Boot Camp. I had a blast, and I’ll be sure to tell you a bit more about it later. Right now, however, there are some more pressing matters going on.

A Trip to Rundberg is out in comics shops tomorrow. If you pre-ordered a copy, run out and pick it up. I’ll be at First Federal Comics in Austin, Texas signing copies from 11-6. I hope you all enjoy it.

Brian Keene’s latest book, Take the Long Way Home went on pre-order last night, and I’m too broke to buy a copy. It mazes me how this continually happens. Brian has never put out a book when I have more than ten dollars in the bank. If he wasn’t such a great guy, I’d swear he was having his publishers do this on purpose.

So, if anybody wants to plunk down $35 and order me a copy of Take the Long Way Home, you can do so here, here, or here. Email me for my address.

Something Very Bad

Muy Mal.

Very Bad.


Muy Mal is a new shared world created by horror writers Mike Oliveri, John Urbancik and Weston Ochse. It is a world much like our own, only about thirty degrees off. There are those who know about magic, and demons still roam the Earth. Don’t worry. There aren’t any elves or anything. In fact, most of the time the stories read like Vachss or Leonard, with just a subtle twist toward the bizarre.

Muy Mal is updated by the writers once every week or so, and each of them tells their tale through the use of several different narratives. For instance, Oliveri’s Asphalt & Alchemy is further broken down into the stories Bastard Precinct and Down Vendetta Road. The stories Oliveri tells are street level, how magic affects the city.

Urbancik tells the story of Seeker. Seeker is a collector of sorts, always on the hunt for the magical and mysterious. He’s Indiana Jones battling things more horrible than Nazis and guys who chant “Um Numb Sh-Buy!”

Ochse’s tales comprise the Chronicles of the Black Bishop. The Bishop is a mysterious and incredibly powerful wizard living somewhere in the American desert. The tales are told from various viewpoints, including the US military.

So, here’s the deal. Here’s some wonderful fiction from some amazing writers, and it’s all free! The tales are plugged into an RSS feed, so you can set your feeds up and the stories will come to you. The writers have recently announced that they’ll be telling the stories through podcasts, as well. Go check out Muy Mal. You won’t be disappointed.


On January 25th, one week from today, I’ll be signing at First Federal Comics from 11AM-6PM in celebration of A TRIP TO RUNDBERG’s release. First Federal is located at 8440 Burnet Road in Austin, in the same shopping center as Slick Willie’s Pool Hall, though it’s way over on the other side.

That’s all I have for you today. I’ll be leaving for Baltimore Friday morning, so no update then, but I’ll be here tomorrow morning with a look at MUY MAL.

You’re gonna love it.

There. That’s Better.

A day later, and I have collected seven hours of sleep and tucked them away in my pocket. I’m also down to the last three excerpts I have to read for the Borderlands Boot Camp. Things are clicking along at a steady pace.

I haven’t checked the Golden Globes results except for what I heard in the car this morning, so congrats Hugh Laurie. I know you’re reading. You still my homee!

On a more serious note (even though I ain’t in no serious mood), I just received an acceptance letter for my short story “Rain Against My Window.” I’m happy to sell this one, as I’ve constantly been rewriting it for almost three years, and now I can stop. Also, this marks my first anthology sale. Nate’s gonna have a book full of prose on his shelf with his name in it!

Life is grand.