Something Very Bad

Muy Mal.

Very Bad.


Muy Mal is a new shared world created by horror writers Mike Oliveri, John Urbancik and Weston Ochse. It is a world much like our own, only about thirty degrees off. There are those who know about magic, and demons still roam the Earth. Don’t worry. There aren’t any elves or anything. In fact, most of the time the stories read like Vachss or Leonard, with just a subtle twist toward the bizarre.

Muy Mal is updated by the writers once every week or so, and each of them tells their tale through the use of several different narratives. For instance, Oliveri’s Asphalt & Alchemy is further broken down into the stories Bastard Precinct and Down Vendetta Road. The stories Oliveri tells are street level, how magic affects the city.

Urbancik tells the story of Seeker. Seeker is a collector of sorts, always on the hunt for the magical and mysterious. He’s Indiana Jones battling things more horrible than Nazis and guys who chant “Um Numb Sh-Buy!”

Ochse’s tales comprise the Chronicles of the Black Bishop. The Bishop is a mysterious and incredibly powerful wizard living somewhere in the American desert. The tales are told from various viewpoints, including the US military.

So, here’s the deal. Here’s some wonderful fiction from some amazing writers, and it’s all free! The tales are plugged into an RSS feed, so you can set your feeds up and the stories will come to you. The writers have recently announced that they’ll be telling the stories through podcasts, as well. Go check out Muy Mal. You won’t be disappointed.