Back from Baltimore

So, I’m back from the Borderlands Press Writers Boot Camp. I had a blast, and I’ll be sure to tell you a bit more about it later. Right now, however, there are some more pressing matters going on.

A Trip to Rundberg is out in comics shops tomorrow. If you pre-ordered a copy, run out and pick it up. I’ll be at First Federal Comics in Austin, Texas signing copies from 11-6. I hope you all enjoy it.

Brian Keene’s latest book, Take the Long Way Home went on pre-order last night, and I’m too broke to buy a copy. It mazes me how this continually happens. Brian has never put out a book when I have more than ten dollars in the bank. If he wasn’t such a great guy, I’d swear he was having his publishers do this on purpose.

So, if anybody wants to plunk down $35 and order me a copy of Take the Long Way Home, you can do so here, here, or here. Email me for my address.