I Hate Being Me

It’s 4:40AM right now, and I’m awake. I’ve been awake since 2:39. Why? Because sometimes the simple act of laying down causes my stomach to fill up with air, and if I don’t belch every five minutes or so, I end up with really bad pains in my general torso area, pains so bad they make my arms and legs shiver. I have never found a way to successfully combat these pains. Let me tell you, it’s never fun waking up in the middle of the night, thinking you’re having a heart attack at the ripe old age of 28, then feeling fine after you burp.

Yeah, so it’s before five, and I’m awake. I’m going to try to go back to sleep once five rolls around, see if I can get an hour in before I have to get up and go to work, but I’m not too hopeful.

Happy Monday.

It’s Friday… the 13th!

That’s right! You know what fucking time it is! Let’s salute Jason Vorhees (even if he is soooo much lamer than Leatherface of Michael Myers). Y’know, as popular as Jason and Freddy are, I’ll bet you a gazillion smackers that a Leatherface vs. Michael Myers film would rock much more ass than that other suckfest.

Enjoy your Friday…

The 13th!

Day of Mourning

Tonight, at Emo’s, is Sindee Lux’s last show with Satan’s Cheerleaders. Sindee has long been a favorite of Shawna’s and mine, as well as Randy’s, who saw me feel Sindee up at Shawna’s request. Sindee was the leading inspiration for the character of Dixie, who you will eventually see in the rockabilly crime story Saint James.

Memories, like the corners of my mind…

So long, Sindee. You will be missed.

In other news, this seemed too stupid to pass up. I don’t know if this is true or not, but it was funny, so I’ll post it. It came from The Tail Section, a lost fansite threatening to go off the deep end in ther fandom. They are currently serializing their own fanfic…

A group of fans have filed a class action lawsuit against the Oahu Police Department for arresting “Lost” stars Cynthia Watros and Michelle Rodriguez on drunk driving charges. These fans say they’re all still watching season 1 on DVD and haven’t even gotten to season 2 yet, which is when Cynthia and Michelle’s characters are introduced. They say they were all blind-sided by the news that these actors were arrested and they were horrified to hear they were from season two. Their attorney argues, “It was a massive spoiler to reveal these actors are in the show, and we blame the police department for creating such a tragic consequence…They were well aware that thousands of fans were still getting through season 1, and, yet, the irresponsible officers still went ahead with their arrests.” They are seeking $350 million in damages for “cruel spoiler activities” and “pain and suffering.”

A Trip to Rundberg Interview

It is an indisputable fact (unless the dispute arises from a camp representing pirates and/or ninjas) that zombies are the greatest thing in the history of ever.

Rohan Williams is kind enough to interview Shawn and me about A Trip to Rundberg for Silver Bullet Comics. It’s a fun intervew, full of Shawn and I trying to act like we know what we’re talking about. I’m not sure why Charle Brown walks across the cover at the bottom of the page, though.

Where did wednesday come from?

So, we’re halfway through the week, and I’m not sure how we got here. That’s a bad sign, right?

Over on the Shocklines message board, author Nicholas Cook writes a quick review of Wicked Karnival # 6, including the line “David Bain and Nate Southard both have nicely written tales.”

So hurray for me and thanks to Nicholas.

Yesterday I had some fun with my myspace account, sending out a bulletin saying I would answer six questions, no matter how rude or strange, in a completely honest and confidential manner. I received a slew of fun ones (with my favorite involving my opinion on fake flowers), and a good time was had by all (if by “all” you mean”me”).

Right. I’m off.

The Horror Channel

That’s right, The Horror Channel is coming your way. With any luck, it’ll be like the Sci Fi channel except it won’t suck.

It also looks like I’ll be doing some writing for their website. More info on that later.

Reaching the final stages of the Run Like Hell rough draft, and it feels good. Remember when I said I wanted to finish that by Mid-November? Silly Nate!

To close today, I just want to tell E to chin up. You’ll be fine, and the writing is its own reward, blah, blah, blah… I go through one of these every few weeks or so. It goes with the territory.

Well, It Was Fun While It Lasted

I never thought the Bengals would last more than a week in the playoffs, but I hoped. It’s been a long time since they were serious contenders. Maybe now that they’ve tasted it, they’ll come back stronger next year.

Then again, this is Cincinnati.

Spent the weekend reading, writing, and peeling linoleum in various stretches. Oh, I’m excited, too.

Make It Stop

It’s 7AM, and they’re playing dance music at work. Let’s make this clear: dance music is only okay when I’m sandwiched between two women who are simultaneously twisting my nipples and vigorously rubbing my crotch. Coincidentally, this happened on mine and Shawna’s second date.

I love that girl.

Yeah, so I made it to Friday. Bully for me. I have to help tear up linoleum tomorrow, finishing the job that Boris the dog started. After that, I’ll probably write, sleep, or take a shower. Might even do two of those things at once!

Muy Mal

Just a quick note, people. Go check out Muy Mal, the new shared universe from Mike Oliveri, John Urbancik, and Weston Ochse. These are three very talented writers posting free serialized stories online, each involving a world about 30 degrees off from our own, where magic never died and creatures walk alongside man.

The stores are…

Chronicles of the Black Bishop by Weston Ochse

Seeker by John Urbancik

Asphalt & Alchemy by Mike Oliveri

Go and read it today!

Sorry, folks.

My apologies concerning the lack of updates yesterday. I’ve been pouring over artist submissions for Brian Keene’s FEAR, and it’s been taking a ton of time. There’s some good stuff out there, though. I think we’ll make something enjoyable.

Back to it.