Bump and Grind Friday

Okay, so no real bumping and/or grinding. I can barely walk and not look like a fucking spastic.

Had one of the last few STAPLE! organizational meetings last night. This year is going to be incredible. With double the guests, double the space (both of those are probably more than double, now that I think about it), and such activities as the Mahfood and Crosland live art show on Saturday night, STAPLE! is rapidly becoming an indie comics show to be reckoned with. Oliveri, I expect you to be there next year. You too, Keene.

So, yeah. The meeting went well, even though it descended into hilarity near the end. I can’t even remember most of what I said, only Robin pointing at me and saying “You haven’t even had any beer!” and Chris telling her “Nate’s always like this.”

In closing, I saw a headline on CNN this morning: New Machine Gun Fires 50 Rounds a Second. Thank the good lord for this, because it usually takes me about 49 rounds to get warmed up.