Men and Women

Here’s an observation for you. It’s not supposed be a stand-up bit or anything, one of those “You’ll never see a black man on water skis” things. This is just something that happened between Shawna and I recently that gave me a bit of a chuckle.

Shawna and I are both getting our asses kicked by allergies this week. I took Monday off work to recover, and Monday night I, as a caring, sensitive boyfriend, decided to sleep in the guest bedroom so my coughing wouldn’t wake Shawna up.

So Tuesday night rolls around.

Shawna: You sleeping in the guest bedroom again?

Me: Probably not. I’ve got coughdrops now. I should be okay?

Shawna: You sure?

Me: Think so.

Shawna (sad): Oh.

And there you have it, folks. Love you, Shawna!