My Saturday

You’re probably asking “Nate, what does a writer who has made a total of $26.41 off of his writing do on a Saturday? It’s probably pretty wild, huh?”

You have no idea.

12:15PM – The girlfriend takes off for her parents’ house. The duplex is now mine, and the festivities begin.

12:16PM – Pour myself a White Russian.

12:20PM – 4PM – Proofread the rough draft of Run Like Hell. Realize I need to chop out at least two chapters. There are a few White Russians in this time frame.

4:10PM – I pour another White Russian.

4:20PM – I look at the clock and say “Heh. It’s 4:20.” Then I giggle.

4:30PM – I go check the mail. The Electrifying Conclusion, a DVD of Guided By Voices’ last show, has come in through Netflix. I decide to watch it.

4:45PM – What time is it? White Russian time!

5:45PM – I order Chinese and sit around waiting to go pick it up. I idly wish my internet connection was working, because I’d like to download some porn. I also eye the free passes to Joy of Austin, but quickly realize I don’t exactly have stripper money right now.

6PM – 6:30PM: I eat.

7PM – 9:30PM: I finish The Electrifying Conclusion, wondering at various times how Robert Pollard felt the morning after the show and if Joy has their A-Squad working tonight.

Circa 9:30PM: The girlfriend returns and asks if I want to watch a movie. I respond by falling asleep within minutes. I wake up the next morning to find a warm White Russian on my nightstand. I decide I am a sad man and must change.

So, that’s what my typical Saturday is like. You notice a lack of fast cars, fast women, or anything remotely interesting. Aren’t you glad you asked?