You Will Eat the Buffalo…

Last night, Shawna committed to the brave task of driving me downtown during rush hour traffic so I could have a burger from Hut’s Hamburgers on my birthday. Hut’s is my second favorite burger place in town (my first being The Boulevard, which nobody else understands).

Hut’s, located right on Sixth Street perilously close to a ravine, offers more than 20 different burgers. Multiply that by your choices of meat (Beef, Chicken, Veggie, All Natural Longhorn Beef, and Buffalo), and you got yourself a lot of choice. I chose the number eight, Arnold’s Best. It’s a third pound of beef with Swiss, Lettuce, bacon, and Guacamole. I ordered it no Guac, because I don’t tolerate condiments that look like they’ve already been digested once.

And I ordered the Buffalo.

Oh. My. Lord.

Buffalo meat has now become my favorite medium for edible murder. Incredible stuff. I might go back for another this weekend. Trust me. If you get the chance to eat a buffalo burger, take it. You will not be let down.

That is all.