Still Recovering

Okay, not really, but I’m running low on clever titles this morning.

So, here’s the deal. How did the rest of my birthday weekend go? It blew down fuckin’ doors. Don’t look at me like that. It really did.

First came Friday night and the Asylum Street Spankers DVD release show. Incredible show in a cool venue, a place called Ruta Maya (never heard of it before). Matt the Electrician opened, gaining many new fans. Really, though, anybody who closes their set with Danzig’s “Mother” while playing the world’s tiniest banjo deserves every fan he gets.

Got to talk to various spankers for a few minutes, and I got to see Shawna kung-fu the neck off of a beer bottle without even realizing it (I’ll have to tell you the full story in person sometimes. It’s really not that exciting unless I’m making hand gestures). Made it home slightly after one (at which point Sick from the spankers was already on the road to New Orleans) and crashed.

And on to Saturday.

Great party Saturday night, with most people bringing me alcohol-based birthday presents. Does that say something about me? I want to know who opened the rum Randy brought, though. When I find you, there will be hell to pay (or apologizes, if Randy opened it). April Fool’s Day and the Dawn of the Dead remake were watched, much beer was drank, and we never even had to plug in the playstation Tess brought with her.

I had planned to have pics to show you, but I forgot to take any.


So thank you everyone for an incredible 29th. We’ll do it again next year.