STAPLE! in pictures, or “I’M VERY DRUNK!”

Well, STAPLE! 2006 has come and gone. A lot of drinks were consumed, both friends and sales were made, and a whole shit-ton of fun was had.

Let’s review, shall we?

I’m starting on Saturday, because I forgot to take my camera to the Pre-Party Friday night. If you’re interested in that, you can check out some pics here.

The Frequency Press table in all its glory.

Buddy to the right, Rafael Navaro.

Buddy to the left, Ronee Garcia-Bourgeois

I meant to take pics of everybody who bought a book. Sadly, this is the only one I remembered to take. Must have been the case of beer I had stashed under the table.

The STAPLE! crowd starts rolling in.

And they keep rolling in!

Drew Edwards and Randy Lander strike the Geek Chic pose.

Ms. Monster shows up in all her glory…

…and attacks a moderately shocked Shawna.

At this point, we flash past the end of the con and the bitchin’ dinner at Korea House to land at the live art show.

Did things go horribly wrong or horribly right? You be the judge.

At The Ritz. The party gets started for Shawna, Chris, Leo, Toby, and Leo’s significant other whose name I can’t remember. That’s why she’s flipping me off, I’m sure.

Mahfood and Crosland get to painting.

Rafael and I displaying our man-crushes.

Ronee with Harris O’Malley.

Me and Ronee.

A disgusted Gary, an attentive Jillian, and a drunk Randy (the last four times I spoke to Randy that night, all he could say was “I’m very drunk!”)

Brunettes, collect them all!

Zach says “Cheers, bitch!”


I’M VERY DRUNK… with Shawna, Chris, and myself.

Greg gets angry and I’M VERY– oh, shit.

One of the brunettes has disappeared.

Dave and Gary after I can only imagine how many drinks.

Me with Marianne (I was getting pretty good at taking my own picture by now).

Could Dave possibly be dancing?

Because Chris sure as hell is!

But nobody beats Alex Cahill on the floor.

Nice try, but not quite.

Ian walks away with some art.

I tried to buy this piece off of Dave Crosland, but it was already spoken for.

And finally, Rafael, Gary, Manton, and Chris gimme what they got.

STAPLE! made for a great weekend that I’ll probably be recoving from for a long time. Have a blast, everybody, and we’ll see you next year!