There we went!

Good morning, all! It’s Monday, and I have successfully recovered from the STAPLE! weekend. Once again, STAPLE! was a mad success with great growth over the previous year. I’ll be bringing my STAPLE! wrap-up tomorrow, as I still have pics to download and resize.

On Wednesday, I’ll be bringing you a tale of how two tilapia fillets reduced me to tears. You don’t want to miss that.

And now, Oscar thoughts.

Good year. Philip Seymour Hoffman really deserved this one. Was this his first nomination?

And Crash his picture of the year. I can deal with that, because it was an incredible movie. The little conspiracy theorist inside me, however, is wondering if Crash won because, in a group of films about homosexuality, terrorism and revenge, and journalistic integrity, it’s really the safest pick. Oh, well. It’s a deserving movie (I don’t say “film.” It makes me feel like I have my head up my ass.), so I have no complaints.