An Evening with Dallas

Dallas Mayr (who some of you may know as Jack Ketchum) is in town this week for the South by Southwest film festival, where the adaptation of his novel The Lost is premiering. I was a student of Dallas’s at the Borderlands Boot Camp, so I was allowed to head down to the Hyatt to hang out last night.

And that’s what I did.

I met Dallas on the Hyatt’s back porch/terrace thing (whatever, there was a bar there), and we proceeded to bullshit for a few hours, just hanging out and getting all chum-like. Dallas is a great guy, friendly as hell, and apparently had at least mentioned me to most of the cast, as the actors I met (Shay Astar, Robin Sydney, and Jesse Hlubik, who were all so friendly they made me want to meet more actors) were like “The student? Nate? Great to finally meetcha!”

Maybe Dallas told them I was a producer or something.

So, a few expensive drinks and a lot of great conversation later, Dallas had to split for a small party at Angela Bettis’ place. I was invited (I say with some pride), and the actors I met really seemed to want me there, but I declined, happy to go home and hang with my loved ones a bit. Y’know, ’cause I love them. Instead, I shook Dallas’s hand and made a quick stab at getting some passes to tonight’s screening of The Lost.

Fifteen minutes later, Dallas calls my cellphone.

So Shawna and I are going to see The Lost tonight.


This post may read a bit like I’m a starfucker.

Well… duh!