Wahoo’s Fish Tacos

Because Beth asked me why I don’t write about food anymore.

Saturday night found Shawna and me wandering downtown Austin, trying to find a place to eat. We were in this position because we said to each other “Hey. Let’s go wander around downtown and try to find a place to eat.” This should have ended in disaster.

Instead, it ended at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos.

A quick look at their website tells me Wahoo’s began in Orange County, California before branching out into Colorado and, now, Austin. Located at 509 Rio Grande, the place looks like it was once a garage. Only the bright blue paint and the surf decor tip you off that the place is a restaurant.

So, the skinny. Wahoo’s serves some tasty-ass food for some affordable-ass prices. I grabbed a $5 combo that included two well-stacked steak tacos, a metric ton of rice, and a bountiful smattering of black beans. Everything was tasty, and I got full for well under $10. Shawna bought the same combo, only she took the blackened fish burrito option. She finished less than half of it, as it was almost as big as a small dog.

On a sidenote, Wahoo’s sports the cleanest public bathroom in Austin.

So, despite the shack’s decoration as an over the top surfer hang-out (not a lot of surfing in Austin), Wahoo’s is a great new place to grab some tacos, a burrito, or one of their various bowls (I’ll probably be trying one of these very soon). My Austin friends should make their way down to Wahoo’s soon.