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The only picture…

I took a ton of pictures at the World Horror Convention, but because of some drunk woman knocking my camera out of my hands at the Leisure Books party, this is the only one that remains. The rest are on … Continue reading

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That’s that.

Just finished my thrid day of 5,000 word writing blitzkriegs.  It feels good like I’ve really accomplished something.  The rest of the weekend was spent drinking, eatnig, and sleeping (roughly in that order) while others did stuff like swam and … Continue reading

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Is this how porn stars feel?

Having finished up a short story and sent it off to an anthology, I’m starting full-tilt on A Family Matter again.  I just knocked out 5000 good words on that sucker, and I’m flying high.  I feel all-powerful.  This must … Continue reading

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Lost in the TV

So, last night was the season two Lost finale.  I’m much more satisfied with this year’s than I was with last.  We got some great new intrigue, and the pieces are in place for a full-tilt season 3.  Of course, … Continue reading

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Welcome to the New Shit

So here’s the new website.  I’m going basic, rocking the WordPress for all it’s worth.  Sorry if this screwed up anybody’s xml feed or anything.  Along with this new look comes a new Biography and an updated Bibliography.  Those were … Continue reading

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The Night of 1000 Prawns

At last, the story can be told. There may be some of you out there who have heard whispers of this horrific San Francisco event. It could be considered myth by some, legend by others. Here, at last, is the … Continue reading

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I’ve been in a bad mood for two days since somebody pulled a hit and run on my car on Saturday, snapping off the driver’s side mirror and cracking the windshield. Funny stories will continue tomorrow.

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Bye, Tess!

My friend Tess is moving to L.A. next week. She’s been accepted into film school. Knock ‘em dead, Tess! Oh, and I was out until 2AM with her last night. That’s why the rest of the WHC report isn’t up.

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World Horror Con Report: Wednesday and Thursday

Disclaimer: I’m tired and accept no responsibility for typos or grammar errors. Wednesday After getting to the Austin airport early enough to grab a cheeseburger from Matt’s Famous El Rancho (Austin has the best airport food in the world), I … Continue reading

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I’m Back

And I’m in pain. After numerous weather delays, sprinting up and down the Houston airport (probably a mile or more) from Terminal E to C to E again, I arrived home four to five hours late. I’m beat. My whole … Continue reading

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