Hey, Fellas!

This is a friend of mine. She’s one of my most treasured friends, as she put up with the wreck that was me throughout high school and the years after. Hell, she even put up with the wreck that was my friends. She also introduced me to Jeff Buckley and Cold Water Flat. That’s bonus points right there.

She’s feeling a little low right now, feeling unwanted.

But I think she’s cute as a button.

So we’re gonna help her.

I want every guy reading this to tell me why they think she’s adorable, cute, sexy, lickable… whatever. Let’s make this lady feel wanted. Girls, you can do this, too. She’ll appreciate it, and she deserves the good tidings. She’s that cool.

Look at this…

Ain’t that cool? C’mon, people!

Here, I’ll get you started…

I have it on good authority that she is both ticklish and like’s having her armpits bitten. You know anybody else with that cool a quirk? I didn’t fucking think so!

So send me those praises. Email is natesouthard@(remove this)yahoo.com. I’ll forward them to her and make her fucking month!

You have your orders. Hop to!