That’s that.

Just finished my thrid day of 5,000 word writing blitzkriegs.  It feels good like I’ve really accomplished something.  The rest of the weekend was spent drinking, eatnig, and sleeping (roughly in that order) while others did stuff like swam and floated around on tubes (I really don’t get the allure).  The A Family Matter rewrite is now hovering at right around 50,000 words.  If I can stick to my 2,000 words a day schedule, I’ll be finished up in just over two weeks.  Then I let is sit for a few weeks, get some fresh eyes, and do the polish.

Then we move on and start Something Horrible.  What’s Something Horrible?  Benny, Dan, Sarah… how would you react if something went terribly wrong at that proving ground between Dillsboro and Madison?

This one’s gonna be fun.

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