Yeah, it’s a post from somebody else who wants to praise Deadwood.  Just deal with it, okay?  If you’re a writer who wants to learn about subtext, study this show.  Anybody know if they’ve released any script books for the series yet?  I’d pay good money for those (if I had good money).

Anyway, finished watching the 2nd season a few days ago (like I’m shelling out cash for HBO).  Incredible stuff once again, with each character taking on even more layers than they had last season.  Surprisingly, the only character who seemed to take a tumble was Bullock.  He was downright boring this year.  Well, to me at least.  For me, the scene of the year involved Swearingen giving Merrick some tough love. An incredible scene.

Now I gotta see about catching up on season three.

That time of year

Yes it is that time of year, a time I was lucky enough to skip last year.  This year, though, it’s rearing its ugly head and making me watch.

It’s that time of year when I’m reminded I’m not going to San Diego.

It started last week, when Oni Press release info about their talent search.  Then yesterday I received a packet informing me that my pro registration had been approved.  Today, Dark Horse posted some helpful tips for pitching at Newsarama.

They’re rubbing it in, and it makes me want to cry.

So, I will now sigh and try not to dwell on it.  At least I know Randy’s not going this year.  Of course, my typing that sentence means Randy will soon email with news that he’s now going.

Taco Tour 2006, week three

This Saturday, I went to Chango’s.  I guess it’s a relatively big deal in Austin, one of the more popular taquerias.  I’m not sure it counts as a taqueria, though, at least not a nice little family-owned one.  It’s owned by the proprietors of Manuel’s, a nice tex-mex place up in the Northwest region.  Chango’s, being a few blocks north of The University of Texas, shows all the tell-tale signs of being a trendy spot.  It lacks the class and charm of a small, dirty spot that’s tucked away in the middle of nowhere.  You also miss out on those little extras like free chips and salsa.

But those tacos…

I grabbed a chicken taco and a grilled Mahi Mahi taco, and both were excellent.  Moist, flavorful, and light.  I was still hungry when I left, which isn’t great, but my total charge for two tacos and a drink was $6.66, so that’s fun.

Chicken: 8.5

Mahi Mahi: 8

Still Hungry Penalty: -4

Average: 6.25

Friday at Hudson’s

As you may have read on Friday, Shawna and I went to Hudson’s on the Bend for our anniversary dinner.  We’ve hit a few of the better restaurants in town over the years, but this was by far the best.  It was the first time I would describe myself as having a “Dining Experience.”

Hudson’s is out on 620 near Mansfield Dam.  It’s not a huge place, but they do have a nice, shaded patio to eat on.  I let Shawna decide whether we were eating on said patio or not, knowing the answer would involve me sitting outside and sweating.  So, the hostess sat us down and gave us some menus.

The Hudson’s menu is varied, to say the least.  Don’t believe mw?  Go check their website.  It’s on there.  I won’t run down the whole experience, but I’ll tell you what we ate.


Fried Green Tomatoes in a Chipotle Cream Aioli.

Diamond Back Rattlesnake Cakes

Seafood Crepes (lobster, scallops, shrimp, crawfish, and crab)

Shawna’s entree: Pecan Smoked Duck Brest with Diver Scallops and Sweet Potato Hash

My entree: Watermelon Marinated Wild Boar with Watermelon Salsa

Dessert: Creme Brulee Trio

We even sprang for a bottle of wine that cost more than $20 and was brought out by the wine steward.  Much nicer than when the seventeen-year-old waitress at The Olive Garden tries to tell us about “her favorite wine.”

So, if you’re ever in the Austin area and have a few hundred bucks to spare, stop in at Hudson’s on the Bend.  Tell them Nate sent you, and wait for them to ask “Who?”

And… done?

Finished the A Family Matter rewrite last night, and it felt good.  I’ll be going back in a few weeks to see if it’s any good.  Then, we’ll hopefully know if it sold or not.  If not, we keep shopping it around.

See what fun we have?

Tonight, I’m taking Shawna to Hudson’s on the Bend for out anniversary dinner (6 years!).  I’m not sure whether I want the pheasant, kangaroo, or wildboar.

Reality TV explains religion

I was watching Hell’s Kitchen with Shawna last night, and something amazing happened. 

They explained religion. 

See, on this particular reality show, a team of men and a team of women compete for the chance to be the executive chef at their own restaurant.  They do this by competing in a series of challenges and dinner services.  The loser of the dinner service loses a member of their team.  This continues until there is only one cook standing.

What’s fun is the various little challenges.  These can be anything from trimming and cutting the most perfect steaks to preparing dishes within a certain amount of time.  Well, last night the guys lost and were forced to clean, press, and fold all of the kitchen’s laundry.  The women got to spend a day on a yacht.

Now, last night’s epiphany came when the women returned and started talking shit to the guys, giving them such choice barbs as “Wash my laundry, baby!” and “I spent all day on a yacht!”  As trash-talking goes, it wasn’t awesome, but it was appropriately irritating.  So, as the women are leaving, one of the men calls back “Better have my dinner ready when I get home from work!”

And one of the women freaked out.

Now, yeah, the guy said a sexist thing.  I’m not denying that, but he said it in response to be berrated and taunted for several minutes.  But this woman’s reaction was to go back to the dorm and yell about how she was being held down.  The best quote was “I’m not your wife, and I’m not your girlfriend, so I don’t have to cook your dinner.”  This, of course, sounds like she thinks she should have to cook him dinner if they were in a relationship.

It was about this time that I realized reality television is a an excellent study of modern religion.  Because only people can think it’s cool to talk shit to somebody and then get pissed when they get some of their own medicine.

Much like how mankind can invent a God, and then kill each other because they didn’t bother to create the same God.

I mean, let’s think about it for a second.  The Crusades, The Spanish Inquisition, the current Israel/Palestine situation.  Here’s a bunch of Muslims routed from the area they settled because the area they settled is A Holy Place!  So the sides respond with suicide bombers on one side and American-supplied tanks and nuclear arms on the other side.

Both sides believe they are right and the other side is evil.

And people don’t realize how ridiculous this all is.

Well, I do, but I have an unfair advantage as an atheist.

A wiser man than me once said “Mankind will never grow or have peace until they abandon the notion of God and religion.”  A friend of mine said the same thing as “Even the ancient Greeks eventually said ‘Fuck Poseidon.  I’m getting in the boat.'”

So, there you have it, religion summed up by two whiners on a reality show.  Just give that a seconds thought the next time you get ready to pray.

Final Lap

Took the weekend off to charge up for today.  I have somewhere between 6,000 and 10,000 words left in the A Family Matter rewrite.  I’ll be finishing it by Saturday.

Taco Tour 2006: Week 2

Saturday found me at Rota’s Mexican Restaurant, a place that can best be described as hidden somewhere along Rutland Dr.  I grabbed a chicken fajita taco and a beef fajita taco.  The chicken was probably the best I’ve ever had.  The salsa that came with my chip was great, awesome taste without too much heat.  Interesting color, too, sort of a pale brown.

If there was any slip up, it was the over-priced taco plate ($7.25 is still pretty cheap for two tacos with beans and rice, but it’s up there compared to your average taqueria) and the beef fajita.  It was pretty bland.  I’m starting to wonder if I’ll find a really good beef fajita taco on this sear.  Next weekend I plan to start hitting the big guns.  We’ll see what happens there.

Salsa: 7.5

Chicken Fajita: 9

Beef Fajita: 4

Overall: 6.83

Hell’s Kitchen

Well, I finally got around to watching the Hell’s Kitchen season premiere last night.  The show’s a guilty pleasure for me, as I love watching Gordon Ramsey tear potential chefs apart.

This year’s group of contestants seems to be pretty clueless.  Only Heather, who kept delegating responsibility even as she waited for an ambulance for her badly burned hand, seems to have what it takes to run a high profile kitchen.  I can’t wait for that smug fuck Giacomo to get the boot.  Other than that, I like sweaty Tom and plucky Sarah, but that’s about it.

So, I’ll be watching to see what’s up.  Maybe I’ll even pick up an idea or two.  We’ll see how it goes.