Taco Tour 2006, week 1

For my first stop, I went to a little taqueria near the in-laws’ house.  I think it was called Taqueria Nocolataz, but I can’t be sure, as their sign was practically scribbled.  Hell, I don’t know if nocolataz is even a word.

Good food, though.

I stepped inside and ordered a chicken fajita taco, and beef fajita taco, and a coke (I quickly noticed I’d have to drop my ground beef gold standard, as a lot of local places can’t be bothered with something so basic).  The fine folks brought me chips and salsa (two flavors), and both flavors were just about the best salsa I’ve ever had.

And the tacos.  They were of good size, and a great value.  The chicken was delicious, if a little too subtle.  The beef was strangely tangy, with a little bit of orange flavor.  Interesting, but I probably won’t have the beef again.


Salsa: 9.5

Chicken: 7

Beef: 5

Total Rating: 7.16