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Am I…

…an asshole? I’ve been wrestling with this question lately.  I find my sarcasm getting a little too sharp, too cutting around my friends and family.  I try to stress points to the point of angering these people (case in point, … Continue reading

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Taco Tour 2006, week nine

It’s a damn shame. Taco Deli is within walking distance of work.  Their food is tasty as hell.  They’ve got a great staff.  Sadly, they don’t want to be a taqueria so much as a local hang out.  In order … Continue reading

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Taco Tour 2006, week eight

Two months into the Taco Tour, and no end in sight.  I would have had this up on Monday, but I was to busy being productive.  Then I posted about my personal shame and found it only fair to let … Continue reading

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Here’s where I lose what little cred I have…

Let’s talk music. As my official title of “Up-and-Coming Horror Writer” dictates, in today’s market, that I’m supposed to love metal. I’m supposed to love it more than I love french fries, porn, and puppies. It’s in the Union by-laws. … Continue reading

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Rundberg reviewed at Horror-Web

The always tough critic Horrorwench reviewed A Trip to Rundberg on Horror-Web this week… and she liked it! Go check out her fun, illustrated review!

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On my own

The girlfriend leaves for San Diego tomorrow.  I’m enjoying this because I get to take a whole day off work just to drive her to the airport.  I then get to spend the next few days writing and sleeping and … Continue reading

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Your 21st century wake up call.

So, the Middle East has gone apeshit again, with Israelis Pastinians, and Hezbollah going at it like wildcats.  I’m not going to choose sides, because all three are killing innocent people, and that just doesn’t wash with me.  I just … Continue reading

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Taco Tour 2006, week seven

Special double-post this week, as I hit not one, but two places on Saturday. The first was Wahoo’s fish tacos, which is a great place despite the fact that it’s a chain.  Okay, so Austin has the only Texas location … Continue reading

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FEAR direct links

Pre-order from Clarkesworld. Pre-order from Shocklines. Pre-order from Bad Moon Books.

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Yup, there it is.

For some reason, they hit this morning, and they hit hard. Yeah, it’s those “I’m not going to Comic-Con” blues.  It’s funny, because I really don’t have any reason to go this year.  I made bigger leaps in my career … Continue reading

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