Taco Tour 2006, week four

Four weeks in, and I had a fun little time on Saturday.  The Taco Tour has taken me to a dark little out of the way place, the kind of place that’s a little creepy.

Welcome to El Tacolote.

I found El Tacolote On Lamar, just north of Rundberg.  It used to be a trailer.  I know this, becuase the trailer was the only other thing on wheels when I pulled into the parking lot.  El Tacolote is now located in what appears to have once been a free-standing Chili’s or something.  The neon sign next to the door assures me they’re open, so I enter.


Apparently, the fine owners of El Tacolote could not afford all of the form restaurant space.  Instead, they rent out the front room/waiting area and a portion of the kitchen.  There were no lights, no illumination but the sunlight filtering through old windows and a dirty yellow light coming from the kitchen.  There was no sound but the far off sharpening of a knife.  A wrought iron security door stood at one end of the high counter.  Two small tables and a few tables finished up the room.  No other humans appeared to be anywhere, except for the knife sharpener in the back.

Immediately, two thought popped into my brain.

1: I’m going to die in here, and no one will ever know.

2: This is awesome!

A small Mexican woman appeared on the other side of the counter and took my order.  One carne guisada taco and one chicken fajita taco, plus a coke.  I took a seat and waited, taking in the room.  A moment later, the security door squeaked open and my food and drink were presented.  Wonders be known, my coke came in a good old glass bottle.  Don’t get that much anymore.

All in all, the tacos weren’t that great (though not that bad, either).  The experience, though, was pretty damn good.

Carne Guisada: 5.5

Fajita de Pollo: 6

Seedy experience bonus: + 3

Average: 7.25