Taco Tour 2006, week seven

Special double-post this week, as I hit not one, but two places on Saturday.

The first was Wahoo’s fish tacos, which is a great place despite the fact that it’s a chain.  Okay, so Austin has the only Texas location of this California chain, but I’m still counting it as a chain.  I went with SHawna, and while she grabbed a blackened fish taco, I got a combo: blackened fish taco, grilled beef taco, rice, and beans.

The beef was excellent, but the fish was a little bland.  Strangely enough, Shawna’s tasted much better, so I split the difference.  The food filled me up (and then some!).  You’ll also remember from a previous post that Wahoo’s has the cleanest bathroom in Austin. 

Oh, and their weekend happy hour is domestics and margaritas cost whatever the outside temperature is!

Check it out!

Beef: 8

Fish: 7

Chain penalty: -2

Ultra-full bonus: +1

Average: 7

Later, we went to La Ferria with some friends, where I ordered the Pastor plate.  Mmmm, spicy grilled pork.  Delicious!  La Ferria also bosts incredible salsa and wondering mariachis.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

I will be giving them a deduction for not serving the pastor tacos a la carte, however.

Pastor: 8.5

Plate penalty: -1

Average: 7.5