Your 21st century wake up call.

So, the Middle East has gone apeshit again, with Israelis Pastinians, and Hezbollah going at it like wildcats.  I’m not going to choose sides, because all three are killing innocent people, and that just doesn’t wash with me.  I just watch the deathtoll rise and wait for our government’s preserve the voting block response while the rest of the world goes, “Huh?”

In short: “Shit is nuts.”

And it’s all God’s fault.

Why?  C’mon!  You’re not that fucking thick, are you?

Since the creation of his fictional self, God has been the leading cause of murder, suffering, and everything except bad breath known to mankind.  The Crusades, The Inquisition, and hundreds of others… all of them carried out because of various religious beliefs, either promoting your own or damning those who expressed theirs.

And before it even crosses your brainpan… yes, I know the Jewish people suffered greatly from the Holocaust, and I sympathize with them for that.  I do not, however, believe that gives Israel a permanent get out of jail free card.

So, now we have Jews and Muslims killing each other, fighting over a scrap of land that is holy because somebody who created a God says so.  The Christians, for their part, take one of two stances: side with Israel because at least their God isn’t called ‘Allah,’ or hope they all kill the hell out of each other so the fine, God-loving, non-Jewish Christians can move into the area that is ‘rightfully’ theirs.

See? it even SOUNDS stupid!

I don’t know if anybody who reads this believes in God.  I don’t really think I have that many readers to begin with.  If there are some of you out there, reading my little words, who believe in the idea of a devine creator, please do me a favor.


The idea of God is killing us, every single member of humanity.  Sooner or later, we’re going to have to evolve past this idea, or we’ll end up murdering each other in His name.  Do you want that?  Are you going to believe in God when somebody says He wants you to kill the little brown kid on the other side of the globe.  Thou shalt not kill?  Only if the victim worships the same God as you!  Is that the kind of idea you want to subvert yourself to?  Does that in any way sound intelligent to you?

So the next time you’re reading about Israel and Palestine and Lebanon and how everybody’s killing each other, don’t think of it as terrorism or a political clusterfuck.  Don’t.  Those are just smokescreens, and even worse, they’re just words.  Instead, think of it as an alarm clock, a giant buzzer screaming in your ear.

It’s time to wake up.