Taco Tour 2006, week eight

Two months into the Taco Tour, and no end in sight.  I would have had this up on Monday, but I was to busy being productive.  Then I posted about my personal shame and found it only fair to let everybody read that first.

So, let’s get to it…

My friend Wammo once told me, “Tamale House has been keeping musicians alive for as long as I can remember.”  I can see what he means.  WHen I went to the Tamale House on saturday, I was treating to the most filling meal of the tour, and it cost me less than four dollars.

Tamale House is a fun place, a run down little concrete building on Airport Blvd, whit no air-conditioning. The interior is about 90% kitchen, with a small counter, a huge fan, and a single table.  Three more tables greet you outside, but the place is so busy you’ll probably end up taking your tacos home or eating them in your car.

And that’s cool.

So, my choices were a Taco al Carbon (grilled brisket) and a barbacoa taco (slow-cooked roast).  I topped it off with a coke, and went outside, where a table was just clearing up.

Man, that was some great food.  Inexpensive, tasty, and ooooh so filling.  The tacos were delicious from top to bottom (or end to end, I guess). 

al Carbon: 8.5

Barbacoa: 7.5

Less than $4 bonus: + 2

Average: 9