Am I…

…an asshole?

I’ve been wrestling with this question lately.  I find my sarcasm getting a little too sharp, too cutting around my friends and family.  I try to stress points to the point of angering these people (case in point, my speech last night to my in-laws, huge Beatles fans, on how John Lennon would be a washed up joke if he were alive today).  I don’t need to do that, Lennon is dead, and people are far too busy hating Paul McCartney for marrying (gasp!) a younger woman!  Hell, if you’re gonna hate Paul for anything, hate him for adding 20 choruses onto “Hey, Jude.”

So why do I feel the need to say these things?  Am I just a first class jerk?  Is it some bullshit need to assert dominance?  Am I just lashing out because I’ve been beaten over the head with this Austin “Live Music Capital of the World, we know more about music than you ever will” bullshit for so long I feel like I’ve cracked in the skull with a telecaster?  Or is it something else?  Have I always been this way, and until now I was too much of a dick to care?

I don’t get it.  Maybe I’d be better off as a hermit.