Taco Tour 2006, week nine

It’s a damn shame.

Taco Deli is within walking distance of work.  Their food is tasty as hell.  They’ve got a great staff.  Sadly, they don’t want to be a taqueria so much as a local hang out.  In order to bring that about, they’ve priced themselves way too high.  I picked up three tacos on thursday, and my bill was over $12.  That’s silly!

But the food was good.  I had the tequila marinated pork (puerco borracho), the regular beef (Mexico City), and the adobo marinated chicken (adobodas).  All were delicious, with the Mexico City being especially nice, if a little tough.With some better pricing and an atmosphere that doesn’t scream “Look at us!  We’re cool!” this might have been the top stop on the tour so far.  Sadly, it just falls short.

Puerco Borracho: 6.5

Mexico City: 8

Adomodas: 7

Wallet-based disgust: -4

Average: 5.83