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DMZ #1 for free

The first issue of my current favorite comic sereis, DMZ, is currently available for free download.  Go check it out, then pick up the first trade paperback.  You won’t be sorry.

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The Lonesome October

(Entry title cribbed from Richard Laymon’s novel Night in the Lonesome October) I tend to get a little melancholy this time of year, and it usually lasts through October.  I’m sure a lot of people get this way, feeling the … Continue reading

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More Rundberg?

I was recently asked to submit a short story to an upcoming anthology.  I jumped at the chance, since I’d never been invitied to be a part of antho before.  Nope, my only anthology appearances have been through the slush … Continue reading

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A link and some other stuff…

Comic Pants is the new comics review site launched by my friends Randy Lander, Dave Farabee, Nick Budd, and Dave Martindale.  Randy has spent the last five years at The Fourth Rail, and Farabee has been on Ain’t it Cool … Continue reading

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New Toys and Other Thoughts

Typing this entry in on my new laptop.  My old laptop was a refurbished Compaq from 1970 or so.  It’s USB port was shot, it had no productivity, and I think Mike Oliveri would have just used it as a … Continue reading

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My friend, two time World Horror Con Gross-Out champ Cullen Bunn, is entering comics with the upcoming Oni series Damned. Here’s some promo art and an article.

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Pantheon High

My buddy Paul Benjamin will soon be entering the wide world of manga with his Tokyopop book Pantheon High. Everything I’ve seen of the book looks incredible.  You can check out an interview and some pages from the book at … Continue reading

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Preparing to Write

Between 1998 and 2001, during those first years where it was painfully obvious that I was going to be a writer, I wrote five screenplays: three horror and two comedies.  Only one of them was any good, really, and a … Continue reading

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Aw, man! Now all I need is a big-ass house and at least $10,000!

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Horrorfind 2006, Sunday

Sunday was a whirlwind of activity and memories, and not just because I was about to pass out from exhaustion all day. We began with Shrews’s reading, which was well-attended despite it’s squeezed in nature.  Shrews read from Black Ribbon … Continue reading

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