Taco Tour 2006, week ten

Only two weeks left after this!  I’ll be taking next week off, however, since I’ll be in Baltimore.  We’ll start again in… two weeks!

So, I went to El Arroyo this week.  They’ve got a good sense of humor there.  Not only did they name themselves after a nearby drainage ditch, they also serve tacos that are about three times the size of the tortillas they’re served on.  This makes eating afun experience, to say the least.

But how’s the taste?

Well, I grabbed a beef taco, and it tasted pretty bland.  Nothing really special going on there.  The chicken taco, on the other hand… damn.  We may have a winner, folks.  This may be the best taco in Austin.  The sucker was tasty as hell, with just the right amount of heat to compliment its flavor.  Add in the fact that you get a whopper of a taco for just over $2, and you’ve got yourself one serious contender.

Some local places have some serious work to do if they want to top this.

Beef: 5

Chicken: 9.5

Average: 7.25