Horrorfind 2006, Sunday

Sunday was a whirlwind of activity and memories, and not just because I was about to pass out from exhaustion all day.

We began with Shrews’s reading, which was well-attended despite it’s squeezed in nature.  Shrews read from Black Ribbon of Josephine and King of the Bastards.  The Bastards reading was entertaining for Shrews almost busting a table with his fists (forcing me to scrap a planned table-climb from my reading).  I never get tired of listening to Shrews read. 

I spent some time wandering the dealer and celeb rooms, and both were more than a little depressing, with the crowd dwindling and the various vendors and celebs packing up.  I witnessed the bizarre spectacle of a woman in zombie make-up dancing around with a skull and singing Alanis Morrisette’s “You Oughta Know” at the top of her lungs.  Yup, long weekend.

From their I went to see Marcy Italiano and Tom Monteleone read.  Marcy was great, reading a very touching journal entry from when she was stuck in New Orleans post-Katrina.  There were few dry eyes in the room.

And then Monteleone stepped up to the plate.

I’d heard that Monteleone’s readings were can’t miss functions, but man!  Tom read his story “How Sweet it Was,” a story that blends a love for old Saturday morning television shows with the Cthulhu Mythos.  He kept that room spellbound for forty minutes, prowling the aisles, stopping to read only to this person or that.


A few hours later, it was time for my reading.

Jim Chambers had more people turn out than I did, so he was kind enough to let me read first.  I read the first chapter of Run Like Hell and “An Absurd Story About Demon Summoning,” and the reaction was soooo much better than I had hoped it would be.  People were immediately asking what they had to do to get ahold of Run Like Hell, and I happily told them who they had to get in touch with and beg to publish it.  I also sold out of the last of my graphic novels, after giving some copies to Jim and Nikki.  Jim read a story from the Hardboiled Cthulhu anthology, and it was incredibly entertaining.  Jim gave me a copy of his recent collection, and I can’t wait to devour that sucker.

At this point, it was time for dinner (the one I forgot to take Wenchie to) and then back to the bar to drink the end of the con down.

Our evening of drinking was a blast.  We listened to a reading of Snow White that had been rewritten as Snow White and the Seven Well-Endowed Dwarves.  Shrews did his King of the Bastards reading again.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t paying attention to the glasses on the table this time, and one exploded, peppering his hand with shards.  It took about ten second for the entire area to be coated with blood, and only two additional seconds for Shrews to proclaim his hand “fine,” all while blood dripped from it like water from a tap.

Chad Savage summed up the event best when he said “It only took Shrews a few second to go from entertainer to social catastrophe.”

And really, is there anything better to end on than that?

Ah, my first Horrorfind.  An incredible con, one I’ll go to year after year, although next time I’ll clear the table of all glassware first.