Taco Tour 2006, Finale

I know, there was supposed to be a week 12, but I’ve declared a winner.  I have found that Austin Taco Mecca that will be my new Saturday eatin’ spot.

And it’s a trailer.

Taqueria Don Chuy.

This taco trailer sits in a lot at the corner of North Lamar and Grady.  It’s touch to miss.  Big white trailer with the word TACOS spraypainted across it.  And I gotta hand it to the folks who work that thing.  Two ladies crammed in a trailer with no AC, complete with fridge, grill, hotplate, sink, and a bunch of other stuff I couldn’t make out.

Prcies at this place are excellent.  I order 1 carne guisada, 1 beef fajita, and 1 chicken fajita for the kingly sum of $4.50.  They wrapped my meal up and I sat at a nearby picnic table to start eating.


The carne guisada is the most tender and flavorful I’ve ever had.  The chicken fajita, topped with onion and red pepper, puts everybody else in town to shame.  The beef fajita was subdued, with a hint of lime poking through rather than the dominant dumin you get elsewhere.

And I just scratched the surface of their menu.

I’ll be back on Saturday.  Who’s coming with me?

Carne Guisada: 9.5

Chicken Fajita: 9.8

Beef Fajita: 8.5

Value bonus: 4

Average: 10.6